Draftsite is a Steel Detailing Drafting Service, providing support to all industry sectors from Construction to Domestic, Mining, Industrial, and Oil & Gas. Draftsite has approximately 30 years’ experience in structural steel fabrication and erection, mechanical services such as CHPP and Power Station maintenance, and on-site modifications to existing structures and service. Over the years I have personally been involved with the design, fabrication and installation of hundreds of different types of structures and miscellaneous parts. Draftsite will work with Client to achieve a solution that will suit Client requirements and budget.

Due to Draftsite being a small company, we are able to offer very competitive pricing. Draftsite has extensive experience in suppling drafting service to CHPP maintenance, mechanical services and steel structures. Due to Draftsite’s location in Muswellbrook we are able to be onsite at local mines and construction sites within a short period of time. Personalised professional service from experienced staff.

Please contact Draftsite the next time you need any structural steel drafting, or mechanical engineering drawings.

Draftsite Services

  • Drafting of steel structures and materials handling equipment.
  • Drafting of mechanical engineering services, and components.
  • Drafting of pipe work, chutes, hoppers, feeders, stackers & reclaimers, bins, platforms, stairs & handrails, grating, ladders, heavy duty engineered stands, conveyor sections & skirts, bin & chute liners.
  • Create 3D CAD model concepts for Client/Engineer to review.
  • Site measure exist plant and structure for engineering modification.
  • Site plans and layouts, anchor bolt details.
  • 2D Shop fabrication drawings, and item layouts for profile cutting and fabrication.
  • Material and bolt lists, welding notes, drawing notes.
  • Advise on economical fabrication techniques.
  • Liaise with Professional Engineers to obtain Engineering Certification, or assist Client in obtaining Engineering Certification.
  • Meet with Clients and Planners to help develop scope of work.
  • Drafting with various metals such as mild steel, Q&T plate, clad plates, aluminium, stainless steel, casting, poly and plastic products, chromium carbide overlays.


  • Steel Detailing
  • Structural steel, stairs, handrails & platforms, grating, anchor bolt plan.
  • Site Plans & Shop Fabrication Drawings.
  • Plate layouts in PDF & DXF for profile cutting, cleats, purlins, bolt lists, weld specification, surface finish etc.


  • Pipe lines.
  • Chutes & Hoppers
  • Ducting
  • Mechanical Components
  • 3D Modelling & Concepts


  • CHPP drafting various items that require replacement or modification or upgrades.
  • Chutes, Hoppers, Bins, Feeders, Stackers, Reclaimers.
  • Liner Plates.
  • Conveyor sections & skirts.
  • Earth Moving Plant & Equipment


  • Pipe lines.
  • Structure & Access Platform & Landings.
  • Plant & Equipment Layouts, modifications.
  • Tanks, Vessels.
  • 3D Modelling & Concepts.


  • Sheds
  • Machinery modifications
  • Steel Structures and Components.
  • Stairs, handrails & platforms, grating.
  • Technical Engineering Drafting


Draftsite is an Engineering Drafting Service, we are not certified to approve engineering designs, however we are able to engage a Consulting Engineer to review and provide Certification on your behalf, or we are can liaise with your Engineer if you have already have engaged a Consulting Engineer for your project.

Companies and Businesses that Trust Draftsite

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What Else Does Draftsite Do?

Primarily Draftsite is Steel Detailing Drafting Service specializing in structural steel and mechanical engineering drafting. We often receive enquires from the Commercial and Domestic sector requesting assistance with odd jobs, at Draftsite we are committed to helping the client achieve their goal, so we will gladly take the time to speak and meet with you to discuss your project and/or advise, and create solutions for engineering problems. Draftsite can assist with or arrange for the fabrication of small jobs, we can also assist with the installation / erection of small jobs if required.

See below and view our gallery for some samples of various jobs we have accomplished over the years, this sample list just a snippet of the Drafting that Draftsite can do its Client’s.

  • Children’s Outdoor Wooden Table, was manufactured for children from 1 to 6 years old. Client was after a table for their child.
  • Worksite and Mobile Office Van, our client is currently in the process of manufacturing this van for the Council.
  • Play Structure Equipment, Draftsite worked with client create a plan of layout and supplied detailed drawings for Engineering Certification.
  • Pallet Table, the client is interested in recycling and had an idea of recycling old pallets, Draftsite assisted by taking the idea and using 3D modelling created a Pallet Table that can fold out so magazines / books can be stored inside the table, and the top can rotate upwards to create a coffee table for meals or drinks while watching television.
  • Cubby House, the client wanted an elevated cubby house, so Draftsite assisted be creating a concept for approval.
  • Patented Products, Draftsite has recently worked with a couple local inventors to assist them in being able to supply detailed drawings and images to the Patent Office so that their products can be protected via Patent rights.
  • 3 Tier Bench Seating, the local Cricket Club approached a few local companies to donate service or product to help in the manufacture of seating, Draftsite was able to donate time to create the drawings, for engineering and manufacture of seating.
  • Handrail & Conveyor Guarding, there was incident on a mine site recently where a worker slipped over on sloping wet surface which resulted in a broken and lost time injury. Draftsite was engaged to assist in creating a proposal ASAP consisting of nonslip cleats on surface, a new handrail and conveyor guarding along conveyor belt, and also a knee bar to prevent access under conveyor. Draftsite proposed a bright yellow poly guard system so that it is very visible and light weight. Please see photo attached, the Client is happy with the final product.

Locals Supporting Locals

Over the past few years I have come across Engineering, Design & Drafting organisations that subcontract their work out to foreign countries, where I assume the workers are exploited for cheap labour.

At Draftsite we do all our work in house by Draftsite, if during the course of the contract we require another contractor to assist with design / process or manufacture, then we will use the local resources where possible, and we will advise our client that we are engaging a third party to do particular part of the contract.

As a parent, I am concerned about maintaining a strong manufacturing industry for generations to come so that our children and grandchildren will have an industry that they can work in, and our country will reap the benefits of a healthy economy as long as we protect our industry. This is why I am firm believer of “locals supporting locals”, and I urge you to do the same so that Australia will have a bright economic future for generations to come.