This was a Waste Oil Refinery Upgrade, Draftsite’s role was to supply site plans and shop fabrications for the various upgrades as work progressed on site. New Evaporator Unit and Services to suit. The main scope of Draftsite’s work was the Drafting structural layout of existing structure & plant, and 3D modelling new steelwork and plant and running pipelines & services to suit as the project progressed. As a lot of the work was done on the run due to time constraints and some of works could only move forward after information was supplied from various suppliers, so there were many variations to structure and plant layout before a final concept was approved to proceed.

Draftsite liaised frequently with Site Engineer, Consulting Engineer and the Fabricator so that there was plenty of communication between the parties to ensure we all had clear vision of what stage the project was at, and where we were progressing onto next. Draftsite did all the Drafting for structural steel, landings, stairways, handrails, grating, pipe lines linking from new Evaporator to various services, and re-routing existing pipelines to suit to allow access, and to also fit new plant & equipment. There were few existing site plans, so Draftsite was engaged to measure existing plant & structure and create concepts for structure & access, and also work closely with Site Engineer and Consulting Engineer to quickly provide concept drawings for review and mark-ups.

The Project span was approximately 6 months from initial sketches to install on new steelwork & Evaporator System. Draftsite has approximately 30 years’ experience in fabrication, drafting & erection of steelwork, and we like to work in with Client / Engineer to assist in achieving a good result for our Clients and work associates.