This is an existing chute just below head chute with a flop gate to adjust the direction of feed to chutes below. The flop gate had seized and existing brackets and arm so badly corroded that the brackets collapsed and gate was out of service. As the gate was out of service, the works had to complete ASAP so that production was not hindered.

Draftsite site measured the existing arrangement complete with existing sensor locations, gate shaft & bearing housing, so that a replacement could be manufactured to align with the existing arrangement and sensor points. A 3D simulation was run, to ensure the gate would run back and forth and align with sensors and existing without interference. Detailed drawings were supplied by Draftsite to the fabricator. The gate actuator, bearing housings, bracket and arm, were replaced on a single down day, the existing gate was re-used. Job complete and successful. This job above is just a sample of the various drafting / engineering works that Draftsite is involved with.

Our role as Drafters is to supply accurate detailed information to tradespersons / technicians performing the task. This is where Draftsite excels, as we are trade based background and understand fabrication and installation, and we are aware that on a lot of jobs there is time constraint due to shut down hours, and this means the tradesperson has to get in and get the job done safely but as quick as possible so the plant can be back online with minimal disruption. Draftsite has a strong history supplying accurate drawings so that the tradesperson can carry out their task as quick and easily as possible.