Draftsite recently modelled and detailed a few spoon chutes for coal transfer to conveyor belt. Attached is a sample of one of the chutes, this chute package was relatively easy to layout as there were existing drawings to base the set out upon. Draftsite modelled and supplied full set of detailed drawings with all plate layouts and developments in PDF and DXF for the fabricator to manufacture. The chutes were made with a combination of conical, curved and flat surfaces to achieve the spoon effect. Bolted liners, so liners can replaced as they wear. The chutes have been successfully installed.

Over the years, Draftsite have modelled and detailed many chutes and boxes of various shapes and sizes for the purpose of transferring product from one area to another. Draftsite can work off existing drawings, or we can site measure the existing chutes and surrounding structure and use the existing structure and chutes as a base for the 3D model, we can create concepts for proposed chutes complete with liners or tiles, and also create concept of structure to support the package and allow access around the chutes and boxes.