This small project required creating a Mobile Step Ladder with Landing. The concept was to provide the Client with safe access to the upper landing in warehouse and the proposal was that the step ladder could also be used to pick stock of racking & shelves in warehouse. The scope of work in creating this access involved working closely with Client to ensure the proposed step ladder was suitable to allow the staff to perform work safely and also ensure that the ladder complied with AS-1657 (Fixed Platforms, Walkways & Stairs). Creating concept and shop fabrication drawings.

Upon initial discussion with the Client my first proposal was a fixed stairway to access upper landing, but the cost of a fixed stair, and the space that would have been used up to fit a permanent stair did not agree with the Client. Draftsite is always willing to find solutions to help Client’s achieve their goals, so this is where I proposed a cheaper alternative to the fixed stairway, and began working towards a Mobile Step Platform will suit both picking & access to upper landing. Concept Drawings were created and forwarded to Client so Approval & Engineering Certification.

Photo attached shows step ladder just after delivery to site. The Client is very happy with the final product.

Draftsite has approximately 30 years’ experience steel fabrication, over the years I have personally been involved with the design, fabrication and installation of hundreds of different types of stairs, ladders, steps, & platforms. Draftsite will work with Client to achieve a solution that will suit Client requirements and budget. Please contact Draftsite the next time you need an access stair, ladder or landing.